Neesha Chowdhary, Delhi, India.

My son has been under Dr Renu Madan’s treatment for adenoids. He used to fall sick very frequently. Every time he had a sore throat it would effect his ears too. He was just not growing and would fall sick very frequently. He started having chronic discharge from both the ears and would hear constant noises. The ENT doctor diagnosed it as ASOM and suggested a corrective surgery, which we were hesitant about. When we felt that he couldn’t hear enough sometimes, that’s when we took him to her. He’s been under her treatment for the last three years. It has helped in his adenoids.  Doctors were saying that he needed an operation for adenoids too but Dr Renu helped us with his problem and I am happy with the results. He has also picked up in his growth.

Thanks to Dr Madan, homoeopathic treatment has helped me in my sinus problem too.