“I highly recommend Dr. Renu Madan as me and my family have been associated/under her treatment for the past 20 years. She is more like a family doctor and has always been extremely cooperative and helpful. Her medications are highly effective. Our trust in Homoeopathy has been due to her effective practice and I believe her treatment can cure all major health issues. We wish her all the best.”

Mrs Urmil Verma, Delhi, India.

“We have been visiting Dr. Renu Madan since 1995. That time my 8 year old son was suffering from tonsillitis and we were quite stressed as we had shown him to many allopathic doctors but in vain. Dr. Madan treated him and gradually he became absolutely fine. She is a very skilled and caring doctor and has treated our family for various ailments since then. We are very comfortable with her and she cooperates with us in every respect. She is a very soft spoken and a wonderful person to know.”

Mrs. Rama Garg, Delhi, India.

         “I began treatment with Dr. Renu Madan in 2006 for my indigestion, sinus problem and arthritis. Before consulting her, I was not very sure if homeopathy could treat me. But when I began treatment, Dr. Madan’s expertise and knowledge convinced me that I had made the right decision in coming to her. Over time, my problems reduced considerably. No allopathic medicine had been able to give me the same relief.”

“Not only is she a very good doctor, she is also a very good listener and spends a lot of time with patients to understand their problems before prescribing any medicine. She is totally committed to her work and patients. She helps her patients to not only overcome their medical problems but also to deal with the emotional stress of being ill. She is always available for advice and guidance even after her clinic hours.”

Mrs. Ritu Sukhija, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

“I was referred to Dr. Renu Madan in 2010. I was suffering from an acute sinusitis problem, which would get worse with every change of season. I had consulted many allopathic doctors but they prescribed me anti-allergy medication, which only provided temporary relief. But after 2 months of Dr. Madan’s treatment, I began to see significant improvement in my symptoms. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Madan’s medication as it provided relief without any side effects.”

Gagan Sukhija, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

        “I have been under Dr Madan’s treatment since 1994. I used to have recurrent episodes of tonsillitis and it would make me fall sick almost every month. I used to have sudden high fever. My immunity had really gone down. With her medicines gradually my episodes became less and less frequent. Homeopathic medicines could bring down my high fever too. I also suffered from sinus problem and was intolerant to least of cold things. My tonsil and sinus problem are cured now thanks to Dr Renu Madan. I wish her all the best in life.”

  Nirmal Madan, Delhi, India.

“I couldn’t get a chance to go to Dr Madan’s clinic personally for a consultation. She was so kind to listen to me telephonically and supply me with medicines for my various problems. I have been benefited by them. I have full faith in homoeopathy and Dr Renu Madan. After getting relief myself, I have referred more people from my family to her. My son and my grandson-in-law are also under her treatment now. They seem to be happy with the results. I wish her all the success in life.”

   Mrs. Kamlesh Manchanda, Delhi, India.

“I have always had full faith in homeopathy. It works wonders for any ailment and is highly effective when taken during the initial stages of illnesses. It’s main advantage is that it overcomes my concern of any side effects.  I have been going to Dr. Renu Madan for the past few years and am very happy. My husband has never had faith in homeopathy but recently he too has started with her medication and is noticing positive changes. I highly recommend her. She is very well aware of illnesses and their right cures. I thank Dr. Renu Madan for her unconditional support and efficient diagnosis and advice.”

Mrs. Kiran Suneja, Delhi, India.

“I am suffering from acne for the past five years. I shifted to Delhi last year for my undergrads and started taking homeopathic medicine from Dr Madan. I am much better. It has given a fresh look to my face. Thank you!!”

Vedika, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

“My 10 year old has been suffering from profuse bleeding from the nose since he started going to school. The problem comes every summers and there are days when he comes back home with his school shirt stained with blood. One of my friends recommended Dr Renu Madan. He is on her treatment since the beginning of this summer and is much better. I thank Dr Madan for helping us with his problem.”

Mrs. Kumar, Greater Noida, India.

“Dr Madan has helped my dog who gets convulsions. He has been on anticonvulsant medicines since he was a baby. In Spite of that, for the last one year his frequency of getting fits had increased a lot. He also suffered from colitis making it very difficult to manage him. He is much better since we have started him on homoeopathy.”

Neelu Mittal, Noida, India.

“About a year back I suffered from severe dandruff, hair fall and pimples. My hair fall was so bad that I was shedding 80-100 hair a day. It was giving me depression! Allopathy didn’t help me much. That was when I came to Dr Renu. I came to know about her from one of her patients who is a relative. Gradually my dandruff became less, my hair fall also reduced. My pimples are gone!! I am very happy and my depression is a thing of the past now. I thank Dr Renu for giving my self confidence back!”

Shelly Gupta, Punjab, India.

“We came to Dr Madan 2 years back when my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with adenoids. She would fall sick every fifteen days. Her pediatrician was forced to put her on antibiotics every now and then. She stopped gaining height and started putting on weight. She even started lagging behind in school. Since we started her on homoeopathy her frequency of falling sick has reduced considerably. Her voice that was constantly nasal has become normal. We don’t have to put nasal drops which we used to everyday. She does get sick even now but it is once in 3-4 months around the time when the season changes. But it is not as bad and we manage it without the antibiotics just by the magical pills Dr Madan gives. She is still under her treatment and Dr Madan wishes to continue it for another year, so that she is completely cured.”

Reena Handa, Gurgaon, NCR, India. 

“Dr Madan has helped me get rid of my depression of  last 8 years. I am under her treatment for the past one and a half years. Homeopathy has helped me reduce my anti depression medicines. Insha’ Allah, I thank her with folded hands for helping me come out of my illness.”

A Rehman, Jammu, India. 

“I came to Dr Madan in 2006 with a very bad skin disease. Doctors told me I had psoriasis. My head was full of thick dandruff. It was very itchy. Being a Sikh tying a patka or turban would make it worse. It had spread to my face and arms too. They would put me on steroids but it would give me temporary relief. I took homeopathic medicines from Dr Renu for two years regularly. It helped me a lot. My skin and scalp became absolutely clear. She told me that my psoriasis had gone under a remission but I have to be careful and report back in case it comes again. It’s been more than 8 years since I’ve had any problem. I thank her very much for helping me.”

Inderveer Singh, Delhi, India.

“My son has been under Dr Renu Madan’s treatment for adenoids. He used to fall sick very frequently. Every time he had a sore throat it would effect his ears too. He was just not growing and would fall sick very frequently. He started having chronic discharge from both the ears and would hear constant noises. The ENT doctor diagnosed it as ASOM and suggested a corrective surgery, which we were hesitant about. When we felt that he couldn’t hear enough sometimes, that’s when we took him to her. He’s been under her treatment for the last three years. It has helped in his adenoids.  Doctors were saying that he needed an operation for adenoids too but Dr Renu helped us with his problem and I am happy with the results. He has also picked up in his growth.”

“Thanks to Dr Madan, homoeopathic treatment has helped me in my sinus problem too.”

Neesha Chowdhary, Delhi, India.  

“Homoeopathy has helped my twins with their bedwetting in just two months! Cleaning up two sets of soggy sheets and clothing everyday was quite a hectic chore for me as they were way past their diaper age. Thank you Dr Madan for curing them!”

Sabeena Thomas, United Kingdom. 

“My teenage daughter had been suffering from PCOD with lot of cysts in both her ovaries. She also had irregular periods and doctors told us it’s because of hormonal imbalance. They advised surgery which we were not interested in. Upon my sister-in-law’s insistence we came to Dr Renu Madan. She told us to give her homoeopathic treatment for at least three months to see how she responds. The immediate relief homeopathic medicine gave her was in the terrible pain she always had during periods. It’s been six months and there is a lot of improvement. Her periods have become regular, less painful and her cysts have miraculously dissolved with Dr Madan’s treatment. We are extremely thankful to her and bless her everyday.”

Shirin, Dubai, UAE. 

“Homeopathic medicine has worked wonders in treating my problem of IBS without any side effects, thanks to Dr. Renu. What counts most is a good doctor who knows the job. I am confident that under her guidance and care, I will spring back to perfect health once again. A BIG Thanks straight from the Heart!!”

Ritu Sheoran, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

“My 12 year old son was suffering  from severe pain in the left leg since November 2017. After the bone biopsy we were told by the doctor that he was suffering from a Bone Sclerosis and a possible Osteoid Osteoma. He was prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics but without much help. So we contacted Dr. Renu Madan who stepped in with an excellent approach to my son’s problem. He took medicine for 3-4months and now is on a maintenance dose. She helped us not only as a doctor but also as a friend boosting our morale. My son is perfectly alright now and his subsequent X ray and MRI have come normal, there is no swelling of the leg or extreme pain which was causing him to limp. He has resumed playing cricket which he is so passionate about.”

“We can’t thank her enough for helping us in our son’s recovery.  I recommend all those who find themselves in trouble to approach her at the earliest.”

Mrs Lata Narang, New Delhi, India.

“I am into yoga and cross training. I had developed a prominent dorsal wrist ganglion (as diagnosed by the doctor) that started insidiously during my pregnancy about two and a half years back. The ganglion progressively increased in size and restricted me from numerous activities. I was unable to practice yoga, and do my fitness exercises which I so much wanted to do after my delivery to get back into shape. Also, on occasions the cyst was bothersome while carrying my baby. I showed it to my family physician on multiple occasions who told me that it was a ganglion cyst and that no further diagnostic imaging was needed. I was also informed by him that there was little that could be done to reduce its size or symptoms. That’s when I approached Dr. Madan. She put me on homeopathy for nearly four months and I can’t believe it! Its almost gone!”

Thank you Dr. Renu. Wish you loads of SUCCESS!!

Tia Mehta, Queensland, Australia.

“I have been coming to Dr. Madan for almost 20 years now. She has treated me completely from kidney stones, and fibroids and has managed to get my migraine under control. My children have also been under her treatment since they were born for various ailments. Her calm demeanour, and confidence in her treatment is one of the reasons I have implicit faith in her. She is always available for advice and guidance even after her clinic hours.”

Ritika, Delhi-NCR, India.

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