Reena Handa, Gurgaon, NCR, India.

We came to Dr Madan 2 years back when my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with adenoids. She would fall sick every fifteen days. Her pediatrician was forced to put her on antibiotics every now and then. She stopped gaining height and started putting on weight. She even started lagging behind in school. Since we started her on homoeopathy her frequency of falling sick has reduced considerably. Her voice that was constantly nasal has become normal. We don’t have to put nasal drops which we used to everyday. She does get sick even now but it is once in 3-4 months around the time when the season changes. But it is not as bad and we manage it without the antibiotics just by the magical pills Dr Madan gives. She is still under her treatment and Dr Madan wishes to continue it for another year, so that she is completely cured.