Mrs Lata Narang, New Delhi, India.

“My 12 year old son was suffering  from severe pain in the left leg since November 2017. After  the bone biopsy we were told by the doctor that he was suffering from a Bone Sclerosis and a possible Osteoid Osteoma. He was prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics but without much  help. So we contacted Dr. Renu Madan who stepped in with an excellent approach to my son’s problem. He took medicine for 3-4months and now is on a maintenance dose. She helped us not only as a doctor but also as a friend boosting our morale. My son is perfectly alright now and his subsequent X ray and MRI have come normal, there is no swelling of the leg or extreme pain which was causing him to limp. He has resumed playing cricket which he is so passionate about.”

“We can’t thank her enough for helping us in our son’s recovery.  I recommend all those who find themselves in trouble to approach her at the earliest.”