Tia Mehta, Queensland, Australia.

“I am into yoga and cross training. I had developed a prominent dorsal wrist ganglion (as diagnosed by the doctor) that started insidiously during my pregnancy about two and a half years back. The ganglion progressively increased in size and restricted me from numerous activities. I was unable to practice yoga, and do my fitness exercises which I so much wanted to do after my delivery to get back into shape. Also, on occasions the cyst was bothersome while carrying my baby. I showed it to my family physician on multiple occasions who told me that it was a ganglion cyst and that no further diagnostic imaging was needed. I was also informed by him that there was little that could be done to reduce its size or symptoms. That’s when I approached Dr. Madan. She put me on homeopathy for nearly four months and I can’t believe it! Its almost gone!”

Thank you Dr. Renu. Wish you loads of SUCCESS!!