Homoeopathic Medicines – a perfect travel companion

For those who DO NOT travel well and are planning a trip, homoeopathic remedies are a perfect travel companion. Be it for anxiety, motion sickness, pre-flight jitters, jet lag, colds, nasal allergies, sinus troubles, a bloat or frequent visits to the washroom, mental agitation, restlessness, or any other myriad of physical and or mental stresses; homoeopathy offers a quick and effective solution to all ages alike.

One of the handy things about homoeopathic remedies is their portability, something we always have in mind when travelling. Travel kits are available at pharmacies or you can ask your doctor to provide you with one before you take the plunge. Homoeopathic medicines are safe, effective and small enough to conveniently take anywhere.

Here are some useful remedies you could think of taking with you on your travel that cover basic first aid and can help nip in the bud common travel maladies before they start to negatively impact your holiday.

  1. Aloes and Podophylum: Aloes can be taken for painful watery stools, especially in beer drinkers. Stools may contain mucus followed by weakness and a total loss of power in the anal sphincter. It can be given in alternation with Podophyllum every 2 hours if the stools are painless, greenish cholera-like, almost gushing out due to heat.
  2. Arnica: for immediate effects of injury and trauma. Reduces bleeding, inflammation, bruising and shock. It promotes healing and can also be useful for jet lag.
  3. Arsenic album: a leading remedy for “traveller’s tummy”. Vomiting and diarrhoea accompanied by chilliness, restlessness/anxiety, great thirst and feeling of complete exhaustion. It aids in sensations of burning/cramping that often accompany acute tummy bugs. Arsenic is a great immunity builder against Coronavirus infection. 
  4. Belladonna: for sunburn/stroke, sun headaches, fevers, earache and boils. Symptoms often arise suddenly and can be acute. The affected part is often bright red and sensitive to touch, a throbbing pain may accompany.
  5. Borax: for aphthae (blisters) in the mouth that can even involve your tongue. Painful red sores/ulcers with a white base that can bleed on touch or eating, accompanying indigestion.
  6. Carbo veg: in cases of collapse, faintness, with a need to be fanned. Indigestion, belching, fullness/bloating heaviness even from the simplest of foods. Can be helpful in food poisoning attributed to bad fish.
  7. Cocculus indicus: for jet lag and travel sickness. The prophylactic dose can be 4-5 pills before departure and a repeat every 4 hours during the journey. Primarily for seasickness, but can be used in any sickness brought on by undulating motion.
  8. Euphrasia eye drops: for fresh and bright-looking eyes. Takes care of irritation or congestion resulting from heat, dust or chlorinated or salty water.
  9. Hepar sulph: for a painful sore throat resulting from having cold or sour things.
  10. Ipecac: for excessive nausea, retching and vomiting due to an upset tummy. Can be given to kids for wheezing coughs with vomiting when the chest feels full of phlegm.
  11. Ledum pal: for bites and puncture wounds. For insect bites or injuries where the area is red/discoloured or pimply with a nettle rash type irritation, and where the affected area is soothed by cold bathing. Ledum is also useful after Arnica in resolving bruises.
  12. Nux vomica: for overindulgence and hangovers especially from the ill effects of rich/spicy foods and/or alcohol. This covers retching, vomiting, constipation, morning headaches with intense irritability from the least cause, especially light and noise and a marked aversion to cold drafts.
  13. Pyrogen: for acute food poisoning and septic fevers. Typically there will be coldness and chilliness giving rise to sudden flashes of heat – like a wave, with offensive sweating and palpitations.
  14. Rhus tox: for rheumatic stiffness, strains, sprains and muscle pull, inflamed or twisted joints, usually arising after exercise but not experienced till after a period of rest.
  15. Tincture of Hypericum & Calendula: applied in diluted form to cuts and abrasions. These are both antiseptic and promote wound healing.

Handy homoeopathic travel packs containing the above remedies are available on request together with instructions on how to take them. Students leaving for abroad can even get it DIYed as per their requirement. Should you wish to have one or if you require any further or specific information, please contact Homoeopathic Centre at +91 995 316 6010, +91 981 003 8787 or email at dr.renu@renumadan.com.

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