Case Studies


Verruca Vulgaris of the tongue

or simply

(A wart on tongue)

Viral warts, also known as Verruca Vulgaris are caused by the papova group of viruses. Such warts are commonly seen on the skin but occasionally may appear in the oral cavity. The incubation period of such warts varies from 6 weeks to a year. These warts spread by autoinoculation. The majority of mucosal warts are seen in those who also have warts on hands or any other body part. The virus may be transported to the lips and tongue through contact.

Here is a case of homoeopathic cure I witnessed a few years back in my clinic without any surgical excision. The patient hasn’t complained of any recurrence thereafter.

                   Before                                                        After

5 thoughts on “Case Studies

  1. Hello Dr. Madan,
    I have a similar growth on the front of my tongue. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss homeopathic treatment.


  2. Yes, I am a severe sufferer and can confirm this is a hellish existence I would not wish upon my worst enemy and I am suicidal all day every day but refusing to give up, continuing to seek help, do my own research and I trust that eventually something has to give way and I will be healed.

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