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Atopic Dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis (AD) also known as atopic eczema, is a type of inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). It results in itchy, red, swollen, and cracked skin. People with AD often have dry and scaly skin that spans the entire body (except perhaps the diaper area) and intensely itchy red, splotchy, raised lesions that form in the bends of the arms or legs, face, and neck. The cause is unknown but believed to involve genetics, immune system dysfunction, environmental exposures, and difficulties with the permeability of the skin.

Here is a case under Homoeopathic care without any use of corticosteroids (which is unavoidable in such cases). This is what the patient had to say in his last email.

“Dear doctor, here are some pictures taken today. Look and feel better. I have been able to wear shorts outside whereas I was not able to do so last year.”

He is still on medication heading towards a complete cure maybe.



5 thoughts on “Case Studies

  1. Hello Dr. Madan,
    I have a similar growth on the front of my tongue. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss homeopathic treatment.


  2. Yes, I am a severe sufferer and can confirm this is a hellish existence I would not wish upon my worst enemy and I am suicidal all day every day but refusing to give up, continuing to seek help, do my own research and I trust that eventually something has to give way and I will be healed.

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